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Eleven Month Warranty Inspections

Almost all new construction comes with a 1 year warranty. During that first year the home will settle and components will move as they settle into place. Don’t let that 1 year mark go by without a full evaluation while you are still under warranty.

At Norway Hill Home Inspection, we will provide a home inspection at the 11 month, just to be sure you are able to catch any issues that may have shown themselves as your home has settled in.

We will evaluate all the systems and components to be sure they are still in serviceable condition. We will look for unusual settlement around the foundation, unusual wear on the shingles and the siding, and look for cracks or nail pops on all the sheet rock.

A written report with pictures may help you have a productive discussion with your builder to be sure all the corrections are completed while you are still under warranty.

Norway Hill Home Inspections

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