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Chimney Inspections

The NFPA statistics indicate more than 48,000 house fires from heating equipment issues occurred between 2014 and 2018. Heating equipment failures accounted for 1 in 7 house fires.

Chimney inspections play an important role in preventing chimney fires and carbon monoxide issues by ensuring the interior portion of your chimney is intact and functioning. Chimneys today have to meet NFPA standard 211. This standard details how chimneys are to be constructed if they were built today.

When it comes to assessing the safety of a chimney, a typical home inspection only provides a basic chimney assessment, lacking an internal camera evaluation.

Norway Hill Home Inspections recognizes the important information that buyers and homeowners need to keep their families safe. Our internal chimney inspection uses a camera to provide a thorough evaluation, ensuring that the interior components of the chimney are in good condition. This way, the buyer or homeowner can be sure the internal flue lining is intact and safe.

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