Most of you are probably familiar with the term spring cleaning. It’s one thing that hits home the reality that winter is almost over. 

But if any of you are like most people, you dread having to do all the things associated with spring cleaning. There’s always lots to do to make sure your home is clean and ready for spring. 

Here are some tips to keep your house cleaner during the winter months to make it easier to do your spring cleaning. If you do these now in the winter the amount of dirt and dust accumulated in the spring will be reduced. 

Tips to Keep Your Home Cleaner This Winter 


Take Care of Your HVAC System

Living in New England your heating system will get lots of use during the winter. When it sits unused for a few months out of the year it can acquire dust, dirt, and different allergens.

Before it gets too cold try to clean out the vents and air ducts. This will prevent the dust and allergens from being released into the air when the heating system is turned on. 

Also, make sure to change the air filter for your heating system. This will cut down on the amount of dirt released and is an important maintenance item when taking care of any HVAC system. 


Clean Dryer Vents 

Cleaning out your dryer vents is another necessary maintenance item but it will also help to keep your home cleaner. 

Before it gets too cold out or on an extra warm day clean out your dryer vent. Lint can get very built-up and if it is not cleaned out properly it can lead to the efficiency of the dryer dropping or potentially a fire. 

Taking the few minutes it takes to clean out the dryer vent can save you lots of money in the long run.  


Clean Your Carpets

Carpets keep your feet warm during the winter when other surfaces might be cold. While they are great to have in a home for some extra warmth, they can hide a lot of dirt, dust, and allergens. 

To keep these from accumulating make sure to shake your carpets out outside throughout the winter. This will get rid of any loose material. If you want to go the extra step to make sure it is completely clean vacuum the carpet afterward. 


Winterize Your Entryway

Tracking in snow and other wet muck into your home is common in the wintertime. There are several things you can add to your entryway to limit how much gets brought in. 

Get a boot scraper to stick by the door. This will limit how much snow and other muck is brought into your home. Once inside have a mat that you can set your shoes on or wipe them off even more. 

Make an area where you can put wet hats and coats. Try to put them somewhere that water will not damage anything or get tracked anywhere.

If you can contain the wet and mucky shoes in one area of the house it will make cleaning much easier. 


Clean Ceiling Blade Fans

Running a ceiling fan in the winter is a good way to circulate heat and air through the home. But if you’ve ever run your hands over a fan blade you know they accumulate a lot of dust. 

A tip for cleaning your ceiling fan but to keep the dust from falling off is to use a pillowcase. Take the pillowcase and put the opening over the blade. Make sure the pillowcase is tightly wrapped around the blade and pull it back. This will make sure all the dust falls into the pillowcase and not the floor. 

These are just a few of several cleaning things you can try during the winter! Hopefully, these will help you be prepared for spring cleaning season and you’ll find that your house wasn’t too dirty after a long winter. 


Stay tuned in to our blog for other home maintenance tips and all of the home care needs you need to know!