Someday soon snowstorms will cease to exist for 3 seasons and warmer weather will be on our doorsteps. The few weeks leading up to spring when the snow is starting to melt and the air is getting warmer is a great time to start getting your home ready for spring. 

Here are 10 ways to prep your home for springtime. Read through and see what things you can work on now with the hopes of a quickly approaching spring and what things you might have to save for the final snowmelt. 

10 Ways to Prep Your Home For Springtime 

1) Get Your Windows Ready 

While it may not be time to open your windows it is a good time to check them over and make any repairs. Look for cracks in the glass or tears in your screens. 

Also, take the time to start cleaning them. Wipe away any dust or grime from the winter to start fresh in the spring. If you have storm windows in place, take those out and put in screens. 

2) Clean Your Floors

Walking in and out of the house in the winter most likely tracked a lot of dirt, mud, and snow onto your floors. If you’re still cooped up inside now is a great time to get to cleaning your floors. 

Break out the vacuum, mop, or broom and get to work. If you don’t like cleaning, hire someone to come out and give your house a good spring cleaning. 

3) Clear Gutter Downspouts 

Hopefully, you cleaned your gutters before winter got into full swing; but even if you did, it doesn’t hurt to get up there and check them again. Cleaning takes between 15-30 minutes and all you need is a ladder, a small hand rake, and a hose. 

If you take the time to clean them before spring rains come it will prevent flooding from occurring. Cleaning will save you money in the long run. 

4) Bring the Outdoors In 

Spring is a great time for beautiful flowers to bloom. One way you can make your house feel more like spring is to buy or plant some potted flowers and place them around your house. 

Try and get plants that will last a long time so you don’t have to worry about replacing them often. This will help your home feel ready for spring. 

5) Repair Any Roof Damage 

Once the snow melts off the roof, it is a good idea for you or someone you trust to get on your roof and see if there was any damage to it during the winter. Clear off any debris such as leaves, twigs, or moss to prevent any more damage from occurring. Look for missing shingles or any possible nail pops. 

If you don’t feel comfortable getting on your roof or are not sure what to look for, call a roofer and have them come out and see if there is any damage. 

6) Lawn Care 

Once the snow melts for good, take a peek at your yard and see if there is anything to be cleaned up. Walk around and pick up any branches, leaves, or other debris that were hiding under the snow. 

If you have any overgrown bushes or tree limbs prune and trim them. Make sure everything is picked up so when it comes time to start mowing you won’t damage the mower by running over debris. 

7) Declutter for Spring 

Before springtime gets underway and you are opening up your home, try to get rid of some of the clutter that built up in the winter. Go room by room and make a plan on what to get rid of and how you will declutter. 

If you know an area that is prone to clutter, buy drawer dividers or closet organizers to help prevent that clutter. And remember, decluttering the whole house doesn’t have to happen in one day. Take your time. 

8) Refresh Your Textiles 

If you have lots of pillows, throw blankets, or duvet covers, look into buying some different ones with brighter colors for spring. If you already have a different set for springtime, break those out! 

If you don’t want to invest in buying new decorations simply wash the ones you have now. This will give them a fresh and clean feel for spring. 

9) Air Out Your Home 

Once warm air starts to roll around don’t be afraid to open up your nicely cleaned windows. Let in some fresh air after having your windows shut for a few months. This will get your home feeling and smelling like spring. 

10) Check Your AC Unit 

If your home has an AC unit now would be a good time to get it cleaned and serviced. Taking the time and money to get it serviced can be great preventative maintenance so it doesn’t break once it starts getting heavily used. 

We have listed lots of ways to get your home ready for spring. One of the nice things about this list is it doesn’t have to be done all at once. You can start working your way through it now and keep working on it all through the rest of winter and spring. 

Stay tuned in to our blog for other home maintenance tips and all of the home care needs you need to know!